From Laura Silverman herself—
I call myself a glutton because I’m greedy for all of life’s great goodness, and I find no shame in that. I’m a writer, a reader, a cook, an eater, a gardener, a forager and a world traveler. I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, a verdant paradise that instilled in me a deep passion for nature. After many years in Manhattan, in 2009 we made the move to live full-time in a 1935 cedar-shingle cottage in Sullivan County, just over the Delaware River from Pennsylvania. It’s wooded here and the air is pure. We’ve got our own raised beds for vegetables and a couple of great local farms, not to mention deer, bear, birds and creatures of all kinds. We still return to the city for regular infusions of urban culture (and grocery shopping), and travel the world, but we’ve definitely returned to the garden.